About Us

FastAR Kids has invented a way to engage kids to read books and arouse interest to the new knowledge. For traditional book is difficult to compete with gadgets, so to diversify the reading process, Fastar Kids invented an incredible thing: immersion in the augmented reality!

The new children's book is adapted to modern computer technology and works with the use of a tablet or smartphone (iOS, Android). You just need to download the free mobile app FastAR kids, pick camera of your phone to the book - and a miracle! -illustrations in books come to life - moving and talking. Pictures are not just 3D, but very realistic and colorful. These are real stories for children and their parents. Thus, it is possible to successfully combine reading with the game.

 "Books of the Future" will interest kids, because they will be able to interact with the heroes, listen to poems, tales, interesting information. Children will spend more time with such books than with just printed ones.

FastAR Kids is publishing house in Ukraine that creates books with elements of the augmented reality (AR)

FastAR Company works in two directions:

Publishing our own books with AR;

Creating AR projects for oner companies (on the basis of our app FastAR or creating new app for the company).

We're happy to help other companies or publishers to  create content of high quality!

Read more about cooperation with us - AR Marketing.