Application is written with Unity 3D platform and all be available for three platforms: iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
Applications will be available for free download but might have interior options for download ( for example wider range of functions, ads shut, etc)
Orientation available: portrait and album. Applications are developed for tables and smartphones. Apps available in English and Ukrainian, language list will expand.
This app is designed for use only with a real book. Firstly, parents buy books, than download our app using QR-code in the book or typing app name in the App Store or google play.
With the first lunch of app user will watch explanation video for the application.
First screen is the library of books with possibility ti download/buy a new book. User can choose the category of the book or learn where to buy other book of our company. User taps the icon of the bought book, system will request a code that user can find on the back of the book under scratch cover. If the code is correct the book is downloaded and camera opens. Now everything you have to do is to point camera on the illustrations of the book and show it to kids. With help of additional buttons user can makes photos of the green and share it with a suitable way, also he can find a PDF file of the book, read the instruction for the app or visit our website.

Application gas the following functions:
Instant notifications (Firebase).
User Analytics.
Monitoring of mistakes (Firebase/Unity).

We don't use any third-party content.


Download a mobile app, open it, autorize camera and notifications.
Pick ‘Live Alphabet’ in library of the app, type the code under the scratch cover in the back of the book.
Point camera on the page of the book and just watch augmented reality in 3D.