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Return policy

You have the right to return the purchased product or to exchange it for a similar one if the goods did not satisfy you in form, size, shape or color.
Return / exchange of purchased goods can be done within 14 days from the moment of purchase, not counting the day of purchase (when receipt of goods have been done by courier service - counting of 14 days begins from the date of receipt).

Notes: The return of the books of the proper quality is carried out within 30 days from the moment of receipt, subject to the proper packaging is kept.

Return / exchange of good quality goods is possible only if it is not used and if its product, equipment, consumer properties, seals, labels, as well as the settlement document issued to the consumer with the goods are preserved. List of goods which are not subject to return according to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "implementation of certain provisions of the Law of Ukraine" On Protection of Consumer Rights " March 19, 1994, No. 172.

As soon as we receive purchase for return and it’s correspond to conditions of return, we will return your money. Please, note that money transfer can last for 14 working days depending on kind of transfer.

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